Dr. Martina Mahly

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Dr. Martina is an associate veterinarian at Northshore Animal Hospital. She was born in West Germany, but grew up in New Orleans with her mother and step father. As a child, she had an overwhelming inclination to rescue animals and critters of all types. Cats, dogs, birds, and even possums would somehow find their way into her bedroom where she could care for them. Little did her family know this was a preview of things to come.

Dr. Martina first met Dr. Wayne at Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine where they graduated in the same class. Although they went in different directions after vet school, they stayed in close contact with each other. In 2020, Dr. Martina was hoping to return to the New Orleans area, and it just so happened that due to an expanding business, Dr. Wayne was in need of a second veterinarian. The timing and the fit were perfect for Dr. Martina to join the staff at Northshore Animal Hospital.

Dr. Martina loves practicing veterinary medicine because each day brings new challenges and new people into her life and that helps keep things interesting. She enjoys the friendly hometown atmosphere at the hospital and the opportunity to work with a group of compassionate professionals who truly love making pets feel better. Meeting new patients and their pet parents and getting to know their stories is yet another aspect of Dr. Martina’s vocation that makes her feel fulfilled.

When Dr. Martina is away from the hospital, you can find her recharging her batteries at home. She lives with her husband, and their pet family includes a cat named Batman and some goldfish. Dr. Martina has a variety of hobbies such as infrared photography, resin work, hiking, biking, and gardening.