End of Life Care

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At Northshore Animal Hospital, we provide care with the utmost respect and compassion, helping you to assess your companion’s quality of life and enabling you to transition from general care to end-of-life care when the time comes. Throughout the process of hospice care or euthanasia, we focus on improving the quality of life, and making the patient comfortable and pain free while giving the family time with their pet before saying goodbye. The human-animal bond that has been created over a lifetime together is something that we understand.

End-of-life care may involve palliative treatment that manages pain and other symptoms associated with terminal illness or advanced age. Our goal is to manage the highest possible level of comfort for your pet and provide support and compassion for your family as we accompany you through this difficult time.

Northshore Animal Hospital also supports pet families following the passing of their pet by offering several options for the handling of pet remains. Clients can choose to get their pet’s remains back for home burial, have a private cremation, or general cremation. Private cremations are performed by a trustworthy provider that offers multiple options of urns and memorials. General cremation is provided for those who choose not to receive their pet’s remains back. Our front desk has information about each of these options and can give details over the phone or at the time when services are needed. Our compassionate staff will walk you through the process and help you choose the option that best fits your needs.