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Rebekah, Hospital Manager

Sometimes, it seems like things were just meant to be. Rebekah was a recent college graduate with a degree in Business Management, eagerly searching for a job where she could put her knowledge and skills to use. Dr. Wayne, owner of Northshore Animal Hospital, was looking for a new practice manager who could handle the business end of the hospital. When the two of them happened to cross paths, they realized that they could help each other out. And that is how Rebekah came to join the staff at Northshore Animal Hospital as the hospital manager.

Born and raised in Walker, Louisiana, Rebekah is a well-rounded individual who participated in various sports and numerous extracurricular activities. She gives credit to her parents for being the main influence in her life and appreciates the fact that they provided a stable and safe environment that allowed her to reach her goals.

Rebekah has always been interested in business as well as medicine, and her position as hospital manager allows her to engage in both fields. As a hospital manager, she makes crucial medical decisions and runs a clinic, all while utilizing her business degree. One minute she’ll be assisting a veterinarian with surgery, and then the next minute she’ll be crunching numbers for the clinical overhead. For Rebekah, the best part of her job is that she is making a difference in the community. She truly feels that the Northshore “is home and where she’s meant to be.”

In addition to the medical and business aspects of her job, Rebekah also loves working with animals. She admires the fact that they’re always so happy and selfless and provide an endless supply of support to humans that doesn’t always get returned. Animals provide Rebekah with a daily reminder to live for the moment and not to take life too seriously. She makes it a point to promote a positive, team-oriented environment at the hospital to foster a healthy, productive environment. Rebekah’s pet family includes a Yorkshire Terrier named Luke, who keeps her on her toes. In her free time she enjoys staying active and exploring the outdoors, so you can find her hiking, canoeing and kayaking!

Kim, Veterinary Technician

Born and raised in Metairie, Louisiana, Kim has loved animals her entire life. Growing up in a household with 3 sisters and her parents, Kim kept busy with dance and sports before her love of animals took over her life. The one thing that is even more important to her than loving animals is being able to help save their lives. Working as a veterinary technician at Northshore Animal Hospital, Kim has multiple opportunities every day to improve pets’ lives.

There are many aspects of her job that Kim enjoys, but her favorite is assisting in surgery, particularly when it results in saving an animal’s life. She also enjoys being part of the team at Northshore Animal Hospital and considers her co-workers as family.

When she’s away from the hospital, Kim is hard at work at home. She has 3 sons, all of whom are amazing athletes, and has 2 dogs. One dog is a social and friendly Bully named Juelz; the other is a serious, but loving pitbull/Akita mix named Jax. Her children and her pets keep Kim a very busy woman!

Desiree, Veterinary Technician

When Desiree’s children were old enough to begin school full time, she suddenly went from full-time stay-at-home-mom to someone looking to get out of the house. She began working at Northshore Animal Hospital as a veterinary technician and found herself enjoying the opportunity to help animals so much that 10 years later, she’s still there!

Desiree has always wanted to work with animals and has had quite the menagerie of pets including everything from fish, snakes, chickens, turtles, dogs, and cats to a goose and a ferret. She learned to love animals from her parents who taught her that pets should receive the same love, care, and attention as a member of the family.

Growing up in a military family, Desiree moved around a lot. Her family finally settled down in Norfolk, Virginia, and while there she developed a love for the outdoors. Moving to Louisiana, the land of the sportsman’s paradise, reinforced her love of the outdoors.

Desiree thoroughly enjoys being a veterinary technician, and her favorite thing to do is draw blood. Believe it or not, Desiree also looks forward to overseeing weekend hospitalization because it allows her to take care of all the sick puppies and kittens that she can handle. Illustrating just how dedicated she is, Desiree had an animal stay with her while he recovered from surgery. Every morning and evening she would send pictures and videos to his concerned parents to share his progress.

Desiree’s pet family consists of 3 cats and 2 dogs. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, going crabbing and surf fishing.

Destiny, Receptionist

Destiny joined the staff at Northshore Animal Hospital in late 2019 as a receptionist. In her capacity as the first friendly face that visitors see, Destiny has the opportunity to greet clients and set the tone for a positive and remarkable experience. She has always wanted to inform and educate people about the amazingness of animals, and as a receptionist, she gets to do this on a daily basis.

Destiny loves several things about her job such as getting to know pet patients and their families, watching the pets grow, and assisting pet owners in whatever way she can. She also enjoys being a part of a great family-oriented workplace. She appreciates the compassion and friendliness that everyone on the team brings, and that makes her look forward to coming to the hospital every day.

Jessica, Receptionist

Jessica loves her job as a receptionist at Northshore Animal Hospital. As receptionist, Jessica gets to combine her love of animals and her fondness for helping people. Providing pet owners with the information they need to get help for their pets makes coming to work every day a pleasure.

Prior to joining the staff at Northshore Animal Hospital, Jessica had a long commute to her job at a cat practice. Wanting to remain in the veterinary field, but tiring of the commute, Jessica jumped at the opportunity to be a receptionist at nearby Northshore Animal Hospital, and she is so glad that she did!

Jessica enjoys being the first person to welcome clients when they walk in the door of the hospital. She takes pride in the reputation that the doctors and staff have built and can’t wait to show new clients just how incredible the hospital can be.

During her free time away from the hospital, Jessica focuses her energy on her own pets at home. She has a Calico cat named Ruth, and a Yorkie dog named Cali. Ruth is lazy, but smart; she knows exactly when she’s about to be fed. Cali is a sweet dog who follows Jessica around wherever she goes.

In addition to spending time with her four-legged friends, Jessica loves to spend time outdoors hiking, canoeing, and going to the beach.